Q: NTG, why do you wear a mask?

A: As a swamp creature living as a human, I really need to keep a low profile. Wearing a mask allows me to live my life without worrying about government agencies doing nasty experiments on my alien body. It's also easy for a swamp creature to get a bit flustered and worried about seeming normal, so when I'm creating artwork, it alleviates some of the anxiety and self-consciousness. I can focus solely on the work I'm creating and not let my own existence get in the way.

Q: Who are some of your influences?

A: Allen Williams, Yoshitaka Amano, Jason Mowry, and of course the classics like Mucha and Dali. There are so many, though; I'm almost always checking out new artists. 

Q: Do you do commissions?

A: I do, indeed! Prices vary on the project though, so please shoot me an inquiry on the Contact page with your idea and I'll get a quote to you ASAP. 

Q: Why didn't you graduate OCAD?

A: There were a lot of reasons for leaving Toronto, but what it boils down to is that my time there was absolute hell. I had an opportunity to teach kids in Kuala Lumpur and I took it. When I was done, I came back to Vancouver Island and never went back to finish my degree. Still fighting through three years of student debt, though. Heh, even swamp creatures pay bills.