Namethatgirl awoke in the swampy waters of Western Canada and grew up in the mountains of Vancouver Island. Her environment, rich with ancient trees and moss covered stones, helped shape the art she would eventually create.

Growing up on the West Coast of Canada saturated NTG's young life with moss, trees, old bricks, wood cabins and a world of creatures. 

She had a fascination with old things sprouting new life; the abandoned car in the woods now roofed with moss, or the old shoe now host to bugs and green, leafy, reaching fingers.

NTG spent 21 years in the rainforests of Victoria, B.C. before packing her bags and leaving for OCAD University in Toronto, a school that she would not graduate from, but one that laid the groundwork for her to discover the message she's been trying to find for much of her young life. The message is fairly simple: everything has a place, even those that seem unlikely.

This message lends itself to many, if not most, of NTG's pieces, from the eerie scenes of frightening beings becoming quiet components of surreal landscapes, to the Faceless Series representing the relationship between creatures and their environments.  Each piece explores a world where the bizarre can share a moment of peace and calm with its unlikely landscape.


NTG hopes to connect with the minds who see themselves as "other" - to give those who often hide from their environment a visual playground in which they can exist, calmly, peacefully and really quite at home.