7x9 Print - The Seer
11x17 Print - Faceless Salamander
8.5x11 Print -Faceless Fox
9x11 Other World Print

The Seer


Faceless Salamander


The Fox


Other World


Everything has a place in the natural world. All living things play a crucial role in their respective ecosystems, so much so that they become near indistinguishable from them. Everything from the type of grass that grows, to the predators stalking in that grass, gauges how well that particular ecosystem thrives. One would not do without the other. Many humans, however, have a strange way of seeming quite alien in natural environments.   


My art explores the concept of otherness and belonging; it reaches out to the part of us that feels as though we don't belong, and provides a visual playground within which we can feel as though we do.

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Namethatgirl | Victoria, BC | namethatgirlart@gmail.com